What exactly is an ember attack?

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Ember attacks are an occurrence near wildfires where are a huge number of burning fragments of wood are caught on the wind. These can travel for a mile or more before burning out.

As far as wildfires go you may think direct flame contact is the main method of fires bringing houses down, but it has been brought to light that ember attacks are a potentially even greater threat.

Also known as firebrand blizzards, ember attacks play huge roles in burning houses down.

Before being heat activated and sealed completely, our vents outer mesh layer filters out the embers large enough to gather and cause these fires by a statistically meaningful amount. After the buildings vents are all closed, no embers or flames will penetrate, cutting off flame intrusion as well as the ventilated oxygen supply to the attic.

Because the attic is above the compartmentalized space of the home below, an attic fire poses a risk to the entire home. A poorly vented attic with a fire inside it will soar in temperature very quickly, superheating the house and ‘prepping’ the house to erupt into fire.

For those in the wildland urban interface we recommend ember resistant vents.

For a much more thorough look at embers, see this pdf.

Also, here’s an informative article that has an educated take on ‘realistic’ defensible space (californiachaparral.org)

Video above begins at the 2:50 mark where the narrator speaks about causes of wildfire sparked home fires.  

In the video above by the National Fire Protection Association it’s again at 3:44 stressed ‘this blizzard of firebrands, can, just like snow, begin to collect and pile up in certain locations around the house.’