The Vulcan Vent

Approved by the California State Fire Marshal!

Introducing an advanced, fire resistant vent designed to self-close! The intumescent coating on the hexagon structure expands when it reaches critical temperature, creating a real life ‘firewall’; protecting your home from intrusion through vents. A second ember catching screen blocks vegetative and wood embers from entrance at all times. Learn more

 Gunter Manufacturing, Inc.

Partnering with Vulcan Technologies in the design on Vulcan Vents, we manufacture vents for both foundations and attics that are ember and flame resistant. Attics in particular are critical to protect from flame and ember intrusion as once the upper parts of the structure are compromised by fire the entire structure is threatened, allowing the fire to spread through the entire building. We also sell retrofit kits if you already have vents and wish not to install entirely new ones. If you are looking for a size you can’t find in stores, you have come to the right place. We manufacture nearly any size and quantity, and can ship from individual single pound boxes to entire truck pallets. 

Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications in 4”,6” & 8” x 14″” sizes.

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Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications.

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Available for stucco, wood, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications in 14”x 8”, 14”x 12”, 14”x 18” & 14”x 24″

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Half-round, low profile, and dormer retro-fit kits are available.

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The Vulcan Eave Vent is available in 3.5”x 22”, 5.5”x 22”, 3.5”x 14”, & 5.5”x 14″, as well as in round configurations.

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Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications in 4”,6” & 8”x14″.

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Available in certain common sizes as well as custom order. Sub-Flashings are a type of retrofit designed for vents already installed.

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Retro-fit honeycomb matrix is available for interior or exterior use, upgrading existing vents to be fire and ember safe.

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Learn About the Vulcan Vent

Featuring a design with two layers of protection for embers and flames.

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Standard vent: Always open, with one layer of protection at most from only the largest of airborne objects. Not effective at preventing fire from entering attics and basements, resulting in an encompassing fire. Not recommended for buildings in or near the Wildand-Urban interface.

Vulcan self-closing vent: Fine outer mesh stops ember entrance. When exposed to flames, the fire resistant coating on the inner honeycomb mesh will expand and effectively fill the space between the cells, creating an effective barrier. Built and tested to be effective defense against ember storms.

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