Eave Vents

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To effectively cool the attic outside air needs to circulate through it. In the evening when excess heat is stored up inside the attic’s insulation, it’s critical to quickly release that heat for the night to save on cooling costs.

Eave vents add critical ventilation to your attic by allowing air to enter through them and out the upper gable vents.

The round eave vent can be installed easily as a retrofit where 2″ or 3″ holes have been drilled in the blocking.

Install Vulcan Vents in numerous construction materials: Wood (FF), Stucco (S) as well as with Mil Core (SMC) and Foam Back (FB), Fiber Cement (FC), and more.

Our eave vents are fire-resistant:

With intumescent coating that closes at high temperatures and ember catching mesh. Especially recommended for fire prone areas!

The Vulcan Eave uses the same vent frame that’s been standard in the industry for years. Easy to install with practically no learning curve, the fire and ember stopping tech is positioned behind the mesh.

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VE (Vulcan Eave)

VE3522S3.5 X 2241
VE35223.5 X 2241
VE3522FF3.5 X 2241
VE3522FB3.5 X 2241
VE3522FC3.5 X 2241
VE3522SMC3.5 X 2241
VE3522RT3.5 X 2241
VE55225.5 X 2275
VE5522S5.5 X 2275
VE5522FF5.5 X 2275
VE5522FB5.5 X 2275
VE5522FC5.5 X 2275
VE5522SMC5.5 X 2275
VE5522RT5.5 X 2275
VE35143.5 X 1424
VE3514S3.5 X 1424
VE3514FF3.5 X 1424
VE3514FC3.5 X 1424
VE3514FB3.5 X 1424
VE3514SMC3.5 X 1424
VE3514RT3.5 X 1424
VE55145.5 X 1444
VE5514FF5.5 X 1444
VE5514FC5.5 X 1444
VE5514FB5.5 X 1444
VE5514S5.5 X 1444
VE5514SMC5.5 X 1444
VE5514RT5.5 X 1444
VE75147.5 X 1475
VE7514S7.5 X 1475
VE7514FF7.5 X 1475
VE7514FB7.5 X 1475
VE7514FC7.5 X 1475
VE7514SMC7.5 X 1475
VE7514RT7.5 X 1475
VE75227.5 X 22119
VE7522SMC7.5 X 22119
VE7522S7.5 X 22119
VE7522FF7.5 X 22119
VE7522FC7.5 X 22119
VE7522FB7.5 X 22119
VE7522RT7.5 X 22119
VER22 ROUND in.1
VER33 ROUND in.2
VER44 ROUND in.8
VER6M6 ROUND in.17
NFVA: Net Free Vent Area
RT=Reverse tabs
Shown: Eaves and gables on the assembly line.
Shown: VE3522FF, top
Shown: Side view of VE5522FC


PDF reader required:

You can now tilt, rotate, pan, and zoom 3D models of our tabbed, “winged” eave vents for rafter and truss installation above and below. A modern browser and recent OSX/Windows is OS required. 

Left mouse+move=rotate Right mouse+move=pan Middle mouse=zoom in,out Report playback issue

For the below 3D models, click the play button to load the 3D player after opening a tab below.

The above 3D models are computationally intensive to display. Older machines will not run these smoothly, if at all. Opening more than one model at a time may strain your graphics card to the point the vent will not rotate smoothly, resulting in fewer frames per second. Consider closing any other player first by clicking the ‘x’ button on the top right of the player you are not viewing.

You can also view these models in full screen by clicking the opposing arrows button on the bottom right of the player.

If by rotating/panning/zooming the camera in a way you can’t see the vent anymore, you can reload the page (F5) to reload the model of the vent. 

Vulcan Vents cutouts, flanges, warranty, 3D modelThe vent that protectsCloseup of vent showing approved by the CSFMRetailers image3D rendering of Vulcan Vent VE7522RT