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June 19, 2018: Loomis, California We are very pleased to announce the finalization of our name change from Gunter Mfg, Inc. to NewCalMetals, Inc.! We will be launching new products very soon for new applications while we simultaneously continue the process to change our name permanently. Going forward into the future, we plan to grow and become an even greater source of employment to our local community. Our website will be undergoing revisions shortly so we thank you for your patience as we build! Please contact us with any questions

More to come soon:

  • Here’s why continuous soffit vents are one of the best ways to vent your attic space when used with gable or dormer vents
  • Why defensible space may not really be enough

  • Vents that protect your house from embers

  • Avoiding mold and fungus from getting in and killing a good building

  • Keeping ice dams from forming on your roof during your winter (and ruining everything)

  • You’ve installed a solar system on your roof. Here’s what you may want to do next to save money on energy

  • There’s a way to upgrade your building’s ventilation to become fire resistant without replacing any vents

  • A flow chart to identify the types of vents in your building
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