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The Vulcan Vent: Your First Line of Defense From Wildfire & Embers.

An advanced, wildfire resistant vent designed to self-close! An ember catching screen blocks embers during ember attacks before the fire arrives. When wildfire nears and reaches critical temperature, the intumescent coating on the matrix structure expands, creating a real ‘firewall’. The Vulcan Vent is approved by the California State Fire Marshal!

Foundation fire safe vents
Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications in 4”,6” & 8” x 14″” sizes. More
fire safe continuous vents

Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fits. Continuous are also called soffit  strip vents. More

Ember safe eave vent shown

The Vulcan Eave Vent is available in 3.5”x 22”, 5.5”x 22”, 3.5”x 14”, & 5.5”x 14″, as well as in round configurations. More


Available for stucco, wood construction, foam & stucco, or retro-fit applications in 4”,6” & 8”x14″. More

Vulcan Gable vents

Gables provide needed exhaust for hot air from attic space. Increase circulation in your attic. More

fire safe dormers

Half-round, low profile, and dormer retro-fit kits are available. Dormers, like gables, are great for circulation. More

Vulcan Subflashing

Available in certain common sizes as well as custom order. Sub-Flashings are a type of retrofit designed for vents already installed. More


Retro-fit honeycomb matrix is available for interior or exterior use, upgrading existing vents to be fire and ember safe. Installation is a snap. More

Live where no distributor can reach you? We can also create practically any non-standard size you may need. We can manufacture Vulcan Vents in copper for custom orders, not a problem. Contact Us

Partnering with Vulcan Technologies in the design on Vulcan Vents, we manufacture vents for both foundations and attics that are ember and flame resistant. Attics in particular are critical to protect from flame and ember intrusion as once the upper parts of the structure are compromised by fire the entire structure is threatened.

Approved by the California State Fire Marshal! Read up on the Vulcan Vent.

The Vulcan Vent is available from these distributors in store and online! Select from hundreds of stores across the country.