Fire Resistant Vulcan Vents

Fire-resistant, self-closing Vulcan Vents and fittings.

Custom applications and copper are also available upon request!



Sizes in inches. Custom sizes available.Click a type above to see more. Retrofitting?NFVA: Net Free Ventilation Area
VSC21202 X 120Continuous Soffit96
VSC251202.5 X 120Continuous Soffit120
VSC31203 X 120Continuous Soffit144
VSC41204 X 120Continuous Soffit192
VE35143.5 X 14Eave24
VE55145.5 X 14Eave44
VER22 ROUND in.Eave1
VER2M2 ROUND in.Eave2
VER33 ROUND in.Eave2
VER3M3 ROUND in.Eave5
VFS414 (S,FF,FB, FC)4 x 14Foundation24
VFS614 (S,FF,FB, FC)6 x 14Foundation41
VFS814 (S,FF,FB, FC)8 x 14Foundation62
VG148(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 8Gable29
VG1412(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 12Gable58
VG1418(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 18Gable86
VG1424 (S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 24Gable115
VDR122412 x 24Dormer, Round and LP90
VDR9189 x 18Dormer, Round and LP51
VDLR4194 x 19Dormer, Round and LP56
VE3522 (S,S2,FF,FC)3.5 x 22Soffit41
VE5522 (S,S2,FF,FC)
5.5 x 22Soffit/Eave75
VE7522 (S,S2,FF,FC)7.5 x 22Soffit/Eave102
Key: S=Stucco; 3/4” Recess – S2=Stucco; 3/4” Rec. 2 Tabs – FF=Flange Face; Wood siding – FB=Foam Back; 1-1/2” Recess – FC=Fiber Cement; 3/8” Recess – NFVA: Net Free Ventilation Area