Fire Resistant Vulcan Vents

Categorized by typical application.

Can be installed in numerous construction materials.

Custom applications and copper are also available upon request!

Retrofitting previously installed vents?


Sizes in inches. Custom sizes available.Click a type above to see more. Retrofitting?NFVA: Net Free Ventilation Area
VSC21202 X 120Continuous Soffit96
VSC251202.5 X 120Continuous Soffit120
VSC31203 X 120Continuous Soffit144
VSC41204 X 120Continuous Soffit192
VE35143.5 X 14Eave24
VE55145.5 X 14Eave44
VER22 ROUND in.Eave1
VER2M2 ROUND in.Eave2
VER33 ROUND in.Eave2
VER3M3 ROUND in.Eave5
VFS414 (S,FF,FB, FC)4 x 14Foundation24
VFS614 (S,FF,FB, FC)6 x 14Foundation41
VFS814 (S,FF,FB, FC)8 x 14Foundation62
VG148(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 8Gable29
VG1412(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 12Gable58
VG1418(S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 18Gable86
VG1424 (S,FF,FB,FC)14 x 24Gable115
VDR122412 x 24Dormer, Round and LP90
VDR9189 x 18Dormer, Round and LP51
VDLR4194 x 19Dormer, Round and LP56
VE3522 (S,S2,FF,FC)3.5 x 22Soffit41
VE5522 (S,S2,FF,FC)
5.5 x 22Soffit/Eave75
VE7522 (S,S2,FF,FC)7.5 x 22Soffit/Eave102
Key: S=Stucco; 3/4” Recess – S2=Stucco; 3/4” Rec. 2 Tabs – FF=Flange Face; Wood siding – FB=Foam Back; 1-1/2” Recess – FC=Fiber Cement; 3/8” Recess – NFVA: Net Free Ventilation Area

3M Fire Barrier Caulking for installation:

Home Depot: 10.1 fl. oz. | Bulk at Whitecap: 5 Gallons