Eave Vents

Our eave vents are fire-resistant:

With intumescent coating that closes at high temperatures and ember catching mesh. Especially recommended for fire prone areas!
The Vulcan Eave uses the same vent frame that’s been standard in the industry for years. Easy to install with practically no learning curve, the fire and ember stopping tech is positioned behind the mesh.
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To effectively cool the attic outside air needs to circulate through it. In the evening when excess heat is stored up inside the attic’s insulation, it’s critical to quickly release that heat for the night to save on cooling costs.

Eave vents add critical ventilation to your attic by allowing air to enter through them and out the upper gable vents.

The round eave vent can be installed easily as a retrofit where 2″ or 3″ holes have been drilled in the blocking.

Vulcan eave VE3522FF
Shown: VE3522FF, top

Round: Prefix VER – Mesh Face, Round Plugs

Ships unpainted.


Round: Prefix VER*M – Louvered Face, Round Plugs


VE35223.5 X 22Eave41
VE55225.5 X 22Eave75
VE35143.5 X 14Eave24
VE55145.5 X 14Eave44
VER22 ROUND in.Eave1
VER2M2 ROUND in.Eave2
VER33 ROUND in.Eave2
VER3M3 ROUND in.Eave5
NFVA: Net Free Vent Area

Top view of VE5522FC
Bottom view of VE5522fc

Click for full size: Side view of VE5522FC