Articles from Gunter Manufacturing (worth a read or two):

More to come soon:

  • What is the wildland-urban interface, and why should you know about it?
  • Why continuous soffit vents are one of the best ways to vent your attic space when used with a gable or dormer vent.
  • Why defensible space may not really be enough.
  • Ember attack: a storm of (miniature) flaming arrows.
  • Vents that protect your house from embers.
  • What simple things would have given Chicago a chance in 1891?
  • The fire-proof vent that doesn’t work. This competitor’s vent just doesn’t do what it says! We name names.
  • Avoiding mold and fungus from getting in and killing a good building.
  • Keeping ice dams from forming on your roof during your winter (and ruining everything).
  • You’ve installed a solar system on your roof. Here’s what you may want to do next to save money on energy.
  • There’s a way to upgrade your building’s ventilation to become fire resistant without replacing any vents.
  • Let’s say you want to go all-out. Money is no object. Aside from upgrading my vents, here’s what you can do to make your place fire-proof.
  • What kind of vents do you have in your building? A flow chart.