About Us

Gunter Manufacturing Inc. is a small family owned small business operating out of Loomis, California. Having worked extremely hard designing (in cooperation with Vulcan Technologies), testing, building and marketing what is now known as the Vulcan Vent, we are proud to offer these fire resistant vents to homes and businesses wanting to increase resistance to fire without sacrificing airflow.

In 2007, Larry Dumm & Chris Tatasciore co-founded Gunter Mfg. At the time, the world was in a period of uncertainty, but they did not let that deter them. In association with Vulcan Technologies, Larry and Chris created the first Vulcan Vent: a fully self-closing, fire resistant vent.

Meet the Founders of Gunter Manufacturing, Inc.

Vice President, Co-founder

Chris Tatasciore

Vice President and Co-Founder

2007 – Present

“There is no time like the present to prepare against fire. An ounce of prevention can go a long way.”

President, Co-founder

Larry Dumm

President and Co-Founder

2007- Present

“We have a great design, one that actually works,” Says Larry, “That’s what matters to us.”

Our goal is a simple yet tireless and never-ending one: to ensure as many homes have the best fire protection for their foundations and attics as possible. It’s impossible to understate the importance of keeping fire out of your attic.

The vent is patented and highly effective at blocking embers (and then flames) by reacting to the heat with an intumescent coating that seals entirely to prevent flame intrusion. Learn more. The beauty of the design is that during the normal life of the vent airflow is not compromised in a significant way. The reaction of the market was immediate. Right now you can find our products in many nationwide franchises.

The vent that protects. Vulcan Vent.